Experts Weigh In: What worked in 2014 that you will carry into 2015? by Deborah Sweeney

Thank you Deborah Sweeney for quoting me in the article you posted in My Corporations on December 30th entitled “Experts Weigh In: What worked in 2014 that you will carry into 2015?”

41.“In October I purchased new LinkedIn software to help me garner leads from MOJO Video Marketing. Since starting to use it in December (had a family emergency which made me postpone the launch) I have closed new clients with more expected to close in January. I used the software to promote a complimentary LinkedIn Profile analysis (I optimize LinkedIn Profiles to help people get found by the LinkedIn Search engine). Giving away the free analysis has been a boon to my business and some new clients have me create the analysis but then go on to have me work on press releases (another of my marketing services).

I will definitely continue to use a complimentary offer with value as a way to find new clients.” – Karen Taylor Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

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DIY Marketing Organization Tips for 2015 by Ivana Taylor

Thank you Ivana Taylor for including my quote in your December 11th article in DIY Marketers entitled “DIY Marketing Organization Tips for 2015.”

“Create a 1-Page Marketing Plan: Without marketing planning your chance of success decreases. You don’t have to write a 100-page tome! Keep things simple with a 1-Page Marketing Plan that will keep you and your team focused on your top sales and marketing priorities. Review what you did last year and basically use it as a scorecard by creating a S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). yourself. Pull these together and keep them in a basic binder that you can refer to. Keep them as a reference and you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come.” Karen Taylor Roane

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Passion Ignites Our Faith To Succeed

Karen Taylor Roane

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

All of us know that we can be inspired by those we love as they go through hardship with their faith remaining strong.

During what turned out to be his last days on earth my father asked one of my children to pray for him to be strengthened in his faith. Dad said, “now is the time for the rubber to meet the road.” I believe he wanted God to reignite his belief that upon death he would be instantaneously taken to heaven where there is no more suffering. Dad was aware that for a short time his faith might be tested through pain, and he desired a passionate faith to see him through to victory.

As a small business owner we sometimes face obstacles which seem too large. Or the pressure we are under feels too great. But, taking time to remember the initial passion we had to start our business can reignite our faith in the business and ourselves to succeed.

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Resiliency and Determination Help Us Succeed in Business


by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

We grow in resiliency when we attempt to do something, make mistakes, and determine not to give up until we get it right. As we continually push through to success we become more inclined to attempt new things. As a business owner I am grateful that as our resiliency and determination increases our fear of change decreases.

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#CommunitySpark1: Local Business Owner Gives Workshops To Help Parents of Disabled Children

Glendale/Arizona As part of her commitment to community service, Dani Gardiner, Founder of Profound Financial, PLLC created and gives free workshops entitled “Plan Now For Your Disabled Child’s Financial Independence.”

Ms. Gardiner strongly believes in giving back to the parents of disabled children because she was born into a family that is ravaged by the hereditary disease Fragile X Syndrome. According to the syndrome “is a genetic condition involving changes in part of the X chromosome” which can cause extreme learning disabilities. Fortunately, Ms. Gardiner is not a carrier and is one of the only people in her family to not suffer from the disease. Her mother and three brothers are affected.

Gardiner is the first person in her family to graduate from college and holds a BS in Accounting from NAU and a Masters degree in Business Administration from ASU. She later founded a successful accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and business-consulting firm, Profound Financial, PLLC in 1997. According to Ms. Gardiner, “We offer a unique and customized holistic approach to all of our services and take the time to understand our client’s needs. Our core belief is to help business owners maximize their profitability, increase efficiency and minimize their tax liability. Community service will always be a hallmark of our business.”

Fragile X has strengthened Ms. Gardiner’s resolve to excel in life, business and that community service will always be a priority.

If you would like information about Ms. Gardiner or the workshop please contact her at or call 623-566.9821.

#CommunitySpark1 – Community Sparks is a Community Service Outreach by New Destiny Marketing, LLC. Our goal is to write about ordinary people helping their community in extraordinary ways. We hope that the stories will help uplift, educate and inspire many more to “pay it forward.”  For more information or if you have a story you would like us to cover, contact Karen Roane at



#CommunitySpark1: Friend Gives $100 To A Stranger Every Christmas

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing

Over coffee this morning with a long-time friend we quickly caught up and talked about one of our favorite subjects surprising other people with secret gifts. It is one of our “friend things” that we do several times a year. One year we threw a baby shower for a young woman that neither one of us knew. The very pregnant young lady had friends and family over to my friends’ house, and we had a blast planning and executing the party. Another way we reach out is mailing small packages containing fun things (a candle, inspirational book, pen or bookmark) and sending it to a stranger with no return address.

When we met today she told me about how she and her daughter heard a country song a long time ago that sings about someone giving someone $100 and how the recipient paid it back. They did not remember the song but were impacted by the idea. So for the last few years this mom and daughter team saves $100 to give to a stranger who looks like they might need the encouragement. This year’s recipient was an older waiter who served them lunch during the Christmas season. They simply left the money at the table and walked out not knowing what his reaction was.

I have come to think that whenever we help someone else we are the ones that benefit perhaps even more than the person we are giving the surprise to. So if you get an unmarked package from Peoria, Arizona you now know who could be sending it to you!

Please connect with me if you would like me to write about something that you are doing that blesses someone else and “pays it forward.”

#CommunitySpark1: Phoenix Inventor and Entrepreneur Launches Lake Cleanup In 2013

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing

Mesa/Arizona Jim Brown, local entrepreneur and inventor of the Fishclipper fishing safety clip is launching his company’s first community service event to clean up litter at a local lake.

According to Jim, “Recently on a sunny weekend morning I took my 7-year old daughter shore fishing at a local lake. We grabbed our fishing gear and started walking towards what I believed would be a secluded spot. There were fishing docks and shoreline clearings to fish from along the way, but we walked past these to where I thought that less people would be fishing.

After about one-half of a mile we spotted what seemed to be the perfect spot. We took a path towards the water that meandered through jumping cactus, down some loose rocks to an embankment of rocks that protruded from the waters edge. As we walked we noticed aluminum cans, potato chip bags, worn foam containers, cigarette butts and a lot of loose fishing line wedged between the desert bushes. My daughter asked me “why do people leave this behind”? I really did not have a good answer, but I told her that some people care more than others about keeping lakes clean. Thankfully, I had plastic trash bags on hand because as a child my father taught me to be prepared to clean up after others if situations like these arise. My daughter started picking up trash because she realized that although she did not make the mess it was the right thing to do. She felt special because she got to do something good to help the environment, and it made me proud of her. We didn’t catch any fish that day, but we did make some good memories.”

This experience made Jim curious as to who helps keep the areas around the lakes clean. He discovered that local Arizona Game and Fish along with different outdoors clubs and organizations assist in the effort. Jim decided that Fishclipper is going to organize their first clean up event in the new year to bring light to the issues of litter and how it impacts the lake waters, fish, surrounding shorelines and wildlife. The first project will focus on one lake with a goal to assist in cleaning public areas at two to three lakes a year. Jim is looking for likeminded volunteers to help. If you are interested, please contact him at 480-216-0015.

#CommunitySpark1 – Community Sparks is a Community Service Outreach by New Destiny Marketing, LLC. Our goal is to write about ordinary people helping their community in extraordinary ways. We hope that the stories will help uplift, educate and inspire many more to “pay it forward.”  For more information or if you have a story you would like us to cover, contact Karen Roane at

#CommunitySpark1: Local Church Gathers Food Boxes For Food Challenged Children

Phoenix/Arizona Christ’s Church of the Valley Gives Back To Local Children And Their Families.
During the 2012 Christmas season volunteers purchased and assembled boxes of food for needy children and their families. The church had initially set a goal to deliver food boxes to 2,100 families. The response from the congregation was so overwhelming that 8,562 boxes were donated and delivered to 4,253 families at 77 different schools throughout the community. CCV (Christ’s Church of the Valley) is a non-denominational Christian Church with campuses located in Surprise, Peoria, and Scottsdale, Arizona.
                                                                                                               #CommunitySpark1 – Community Sparks is a Community Service Outreach by New Destiny Marketing, LLC. Our goal is to write about ordinary people helping their community in extraordinary ways. We hope that the stories will help uplift, educate and inspire many more to “pay it forward.”  For more information or if you have a story you would like us to cover, contact Karen Roane at

Deciding Whether To Invest In Social Media

Thank you to Kate Beles for interviewing and quoting me in this article which appears in the Flagstaff Sedona Business News.

Deciding Whether to Invest in Social Media

Written by  on March 14, 2012

Since social media is still so new, it can be hard to find good statistics on the return of investment, and that makes some business owners wary about sinking time and money into the endeavor. However, there are countless stories of very successful social marketing campaigns. Whether reviewing the small local pizza company in Chicago who gets over 50 percent of their business from Twitter, or a presidential campaign that earns large donations via Facebook, it is hard to dismiss the new strategies.

Using social media effectively, whether one is focusing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, a blog or other applications, is like stoking a fire; it takes watching and tending to ignite a blaze. Most experts and business owners who use social media agree that the returns of social networking are well worth the effort – but only if done right.

Local Business Owners Share Their Insights

One proponent of social networking is Kim Yuhl, owner of Fizz Bath Shop located on Aspen Avenue in downtown Flagstaff. Kim has doubled her profits in the last year, and she attributes a great deal of her success to social networking.  With 9000 Twitter followers, well over 1000 Facebook fans, a successful WordPress blog and an active Google+ page, Yuhl is no slouch when it comes to social media.

“Social Media is a way to develop real interactive relationships with your customers, which you can’t do with traditional marketing,” Yuhl claims. “Social media can help you develop true loyalty, ongoing relationships, get honest feedback, and keep your name in front of the community.”

Mike Russell of MikerDzign freelance graphic design agrees. “Social Media is a great way to reach out to the community, but you need to know the audience you want and develop an authentic voice to speak to them,” says Russell. “Share information that’s relevant to your audience, and they will listen.” Russell’s Twitter strategy is to tweet about things that will interest his audience and customer base, namely Flagstaff news and graphic design.

In a world where consumers are often inundated with the impersonal messages of traditional advertising, the interactive personal voice of social media can be refreshing. Customers want to believe someone is listening to them, not just selling to them. Although social media is relatively new, wanting to know and trust the people with whom we do business is as old as commerce. Some believe social media helps business owners create that type of personal/business relationship on a larger scale, outside the confines of geography.

“People want to do business with people, not a corporate entity.” Yuhl claims. “It works for me and my business just to be real. I suggest you try to have a relationship, and decide how personal you want to be depending on the type of business you run.”

Choosing Applications and Getting Started

Many folks who are new to social networking can find the many choices overwhelming. Yuhl and Russell agree that it is best to just get started wherever you feel most comfortable. It may also be wise to spend a bit of time researching each application, and visit the sites of businesses you like or are similar to your own to get inspired.

Many believe Facebook is one of the best places to start, and it may be useful to note that there are now over 250 million Facebook members.

“A Facebook Fan page will bring most business owners instant gratification,” says Karen Taylor, owner of New Destiny Marketing in Phoenix.

Yuhl agrees that Facebook is a great jumping-off point. “You just want to make it easy for people to find you, so making a Facebook page and sending it to everyone you know is a great way to get started.”

But wherever you do start, these business owners suggest you dive in – but only if you are willing to play the long game.

“If you only have 15 minutes a day, do 15 minutes,” Suggests Yuhl. “You don’t need to spend a lot of time to see results, but you do need to be consistent and provide constant content, even if it’s just a bit each day. And keep in mind that it takes awhile to grow a following – most results won’t be instant.”

Social Media Experts

According to Karen Taylor, she’d rather teach business owners to fish than do the fishing for them, “I think a few hours to teach people how to use these applications and help them get set-up is usually enough. It can be useful to hire an expert, but hopefully that expert is realistic, and helps educate his or her client.”

Some small business owners have someone working for them who is a natural candidate to handle social networking on a part-time basis, but others are wary about relinquishing the responsibility

Yuhl says “I’m not comfortable letting anyone else handle my social media for me, unless I had someone I was sure shared my voice and vision.”

Mistakes to Avoid

Yuhl, Russell and Taylor all agree that it’s important to avoid some common social media faux pas. Yuhl says “the biggest danger is to think you can just get on there and promote your business, without having a real conversation.”

“No one goes to social media to be sold to,” says Taylor. “Once you have contact some other way, then you can sell. Social media is for being social and setting yourself up as an interesting and reliable resource.”

Although social media is social, it’s important to know your limits – and what personal information you’d rather not share. “I suggest avoiding politics, rants, and negativity,” says Russell.

Experts agree that there are few silver bullets when it comes to social networking, but if you can be consistent, personable, and maintain a strategy without being robotic, it might be one of your best time investments.

“If done right, social media can be a great equalizer,” says Yuhl. “It can put a small local business in league with the big boys.”

Social networking might not be a business necessity yet, but it can help any business, particularly a new or small one, stand out from the crowd.


Grateful For Business Lessons Learned In 2011

2010 ended in prayer. I asked for wisdom to determine the best way to impact others through community service while growing New Destiny Marketing, LLC. The opportunities created by executing the answer I received was over and above what I could have imagined.

I was recently quoted in regarding the benefits of community service, and I thank Jeff Wuorio for including me in his article and blog regarding Business Lessons Learned In 2011.

A special thank you to everyone who supports, encourages, challenges, and trusts me, and New Destiny with your marketing needs. I am also grateful for the invitations I receive to speak and for those who attend our classes and seminars. When I think of 2012 I am filled with excitement and optimism for my clients, my business colleagues, my family, and myself.

May God bless each and every one of you beyond your wildest dreams.

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