“A Bullet Called Love” and One Small Act Of Kindness

The scene is New York City, 1953. A man robs a high-end clothing store and two police officers follow in chase. One of the officers takes a quick shot through the gathering crowd attempting to stop the robber cold in his tracks. Instead of hitting the robber the bullet hits an innocent pedestrian, my father, Robert Taylor. The next day Lorraine Elmo picks up the morning paper. There splattered across the front page of The Daily News is a story about a robbery and the man who was mistakenly shot. Lorraine glances at the photo and realizes it is one of her high school sweetheart, Bob. He is sitting down, leaning against a wall and looking dejected. Lorraine decides she should do something nice to cheer him up. This is especially kind since Bob left her years earlier to join the Navy, and she has not heard from him since. Lorraine’s compassion takes over, and she sends him a get-well note. The rest is family history. Less than a year later they wed. Fifty years later the same newspaper runs a story entitled “A Bullet Called Love” highlighting the life of Bob, Lorraine, their children and grandchildren. One small act of kindness may change the recipients life as well as our own!

Accurate Planning = Tangible Results

Many business owners visit Mashable.com when they want to research innovative and creative marketing ideas. Recently Amy-Mae Elliot wrote an article that first appeared in the American Express OPEN Forum entitled the “Top 5 YouTube Mistakes Committed By Small Businesses.”

Amy-Mae suggests that going into a marketing project with “unrealistic expectations, thinking small, treating a viral video as a commercial, putting all of your eggs in the YouTube basket and basing success on view counts alone” are not wise. Mashable includes an interesting video example for each point.

I would add that creating a small business marketing plan before you launch a project should incorporate your mission, vision, unique selling proposition, accurate targeting of your client/customer, measurable goals and a timetable for results. This way your expectations will be on target and results can be more accurately assessed.

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The Power Of Others

“Marketing 911” Group

A solid marketing plan is launched after much planning and thought, and we eagerly await spectacular results. Time passes, but our goals are not quite achieved. Doubt can settle in as our mind races to possible solutions.

Should we make a change? Perhaps, but what at first appears to be a fix may not be the best way to reach our long-term goals. Questions should to be answered including has our target market changed behavior, has the marketing vehicle we are using become less effective, or does the original plan need a little more time to work?

If faced with this situation seek guidance from trusted advisors to help you brainstorm through the problem. It is important to build long-term relationships with others who care enough about you, and your business to give you truthful advice when you ask for it.

The Power of Community

Karen-300x225by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

Friend and business colleague, Michael Simpson, 6Vine Media, LLC wrote a blog today describing the wonderful group we are facilitating called “Marketing 911.”  The idea behind the group is for business owners to help a member business solve an emergency marketing problem that is occurring within their business.

I am always impressed with our groups ability to brainstorm and to pin point specific opportunities to enhance the marketing of our presenter business. Today I left the meeting with a spring in my step as I thought again about the generosity of our members and the power of like-minded business owners who come together to help each other.

Here’s the link to Michael’s blog entitled “The Power of Community”. I hope you will be encouraged as you read it. www.6vine.com/2011/04/small-business-advice/

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A New Website – Thanks To “I Want A New Local Website”

What a great day to launch my newly designed website! I got to meet with designers Michael and Jeremy Simpson of 6Vine Media, and I Want A Local Website this morning to thank them in person. I highly recommend this amazing duo and hope that those of you who are familiar with me and my former “I did it myself” Go Daddy website will take a look around and see all of the improvements. My designers now have their SEO hats on to make sure that New Destiny comes up in a high position in search engines. I may not be an expert in website design, but I am certain that I know how to pick winner designers. THANK YOU JEREMY AND MICHAEL at www.IWantALocalWebsite.com. PS Check out the pricing – these guys are affordable and easy to work with!!!

Building Long-Term Business Relationships

Long-term business relationships tend to build gradually. We meet someone who has seemingly common interests and goals and over time trust can be established. Questions like “if I recommend this person’s business how will it reflect back on me?”, “will they treat the lead I just gave them well?”, “will they help me build my business and reputation also?” will only be answered as we make opportunities to interact together.

As an example, the relationships I continue to establish with colleagues throughout the years have seen me through both hard and amazingly great times. When I announce a new class that I need help filling or the need to brainstorm on how to overcome a business challenge there are people already in place in my life that I know I can count on. Since building solid relationships takes time they are best made through intentional efforts to stay in touch, reaching out to see how you can help others and being a resource for those around you. I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of like-minded business professionals who care both about me and my business, and I continue to be thankful every day for the wonderful people in my life.

Customer Loyalty In Everyday Life

I was excited to hold my first Community Service Class this week – “Marketing 101 – A Crash Course”.  The meeting was hosted by Amy Mangione who is the owner of Fratellos Cafe’ and Catering. I loved the free flow of ideas as we talked about different aspects of writing a Strategic Marketing Plan for your business (writing a step-by-step plan on how to get your business where it needs to go utilizing different marketing techniques).

I was fortunate to have many brushes with fantastic customer service this week. My first was over the weekend at Denny’s where I eat often. When I come in most of the staff greets me personally. I was pleasantly surprised when the assistant manager took a percentage off of my meal ticket because she wanted to thank me for being a regular. Another morning I met a colleague for breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and discovered that if you purchase something to eat along with a coffee drink you get free refills. Since I am a recovering Starbucksaholic, I was happily surprised that my Iced Mocha was refilled for free. I ended the week at Fratellos for my class. Amy is a wonderfully giving person and treated all of us to free coffee and tea. This was unexpected and generous since she was already providing the meeting space at no charge. These encounters reminded me how much great customer service can add to the value of an experience and cause long term brand loyalty.

Life can be great even with little sleep

The past three or four nights have been sleepless for me, filled with extensive tossing and turning. Yesterday, despite how I was feeling I attended a fabulous monthly luncheon sponsored by the Peoria Chamber. On the drive over, I realized that because of my fatigue I forgot to wear any makeup.  This was an especially uncomfortable observation, because I was about to announce the new classes I am teaching in front of the whole assembled group.

Even though I felt less confident than usual, I went on anyway and announced my class in spite of the big black circles under my eyes. And, guess what? The response was so strong that the class is almost filled up. So I was reminded that most people look past little distractions and see the big picture.  Also, life can be great even with little sleep.

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