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Edward R. Murrow And A Lesson About Creating A Client-Focused Team

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

My Father, Robert Taylor, made a career out of heading up the Special Effects Department of CBS Television. Dad got to work with many celebrities including one of the most revered journalists of the time, Edward R. Murrow. His show was called “Person To Person”, and it aired from 1953 to 1959. It was “developed out of Mr. Murrow’s belief that human beings are innately curious,” according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications. The premise was that Mr. Murrow interviewed famous people about normal everyday life. Guests were of the caliber of Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Streisand.

According to Dad, when Mr. Murrow was the Chief Foreign Correspondent for CBS News, England he adopted many English customs. One of these was to wear heavy English wool suits with pants that rose to his chest. Consequently the air conditioning in the studio was turned down to 60 degrees at all times. Most of the crew needed to wear a coat while working on the show.

Dad has fond memories of the crew playing poker with Mr. Murrow before they went into rehearsal each week. And, interestingly, one of Dad’s responsibilities was to make sure that there was Cutty Sark Scotch Whiskey sitting behind the scenery so that at the commercial break Mr. Murrow could walk over and take a sip if he wanted to.

Mr. Murrow won over the crew with his quirky, down-to-earth attitude and accessibility. They not only wanted to work with him but to do their best to make the show a hit. What can each of us do to build a team that produces the finest work for our clients?

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Passion Ignites Our Faith To Succeed

Karen Taylor Roane

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

All of us know that we can be inspired by those we love as they go through hardship with their faith remaining strong.

During what turned out to be his last days on earth my father asked one of my children to pray for him to be strengthened in his faith. Dad said, “now is the time for the rubber to meet the road.” I believe he wanted God to reignite his belief that upon death he would be instantaneously taken to heaven where there is no more suffering. Dad was aware that for a short time his faith might be tested through pain, and he desired a passionate faith to see him through to victory.

As a small business owner we sometimes face obstacles which seem too large. Or the pressure we are under feels too great. But, taking time to remember the initial passion we had to start our business can reignite our faith in the business and ourselves to succeed.

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“A Bullet Called Love” and One Small Act Of Kindness

The scene is New York City, 1953. A man robs a high-end clothing store and two police officers follow in chase. One of the officers takes a quick shot through the gathering crowd attempting to stop the robber cold in his tracks. Instead of hitting the robber the bullet hits an innocent pedestrian, my father, Robert Taylor. The next day Lorraine Elmo picks up the morning paper. There splattered across the front page of The Daily News is a story about a robbery and the man who was mistakenly shot. Lorraine glances at the photo and realizes it is one of her high school sweetheart, Bob. He is sitting down, leaning against a wall and looking dejected. Lorraine decides she should do something nice to cheer him up. This is especially kind since Bob left her years earlier to join the Navy, and she has not heard from him since. Lorraine’s compassion takes over, and she sends him a get-well note. The rest is family history. Less than a year later they wed. Fifty years later the same newspaper runs a story entitled “A Bullet Called Love” highlighting the life of Bob, Lorraine, their children and grandchildren. One small act of kindness may change the recipients life as well as our own!