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64 Easy Ways to Become the Dark Lord of Content Marketing – Part 1 by Ivan Kostadinov

Thanks for including my quote in your February Local Fame blog, Ivan.

More often than not when it’s time to come up with an idea or a strategy for any blog, a team of bright-minded and creative Force-sensitives (SEOs, PRs, Copywriters, Bloggers, Marketers) are summoned before the Jedi Council (Business owners, Digital Marketing Managers) to demonstrate their knowledge of the Force (Google). The trials include Force Keyword Research, Force Outreach, Force Social Media, Force Branding, Force PR and many more.

But, as we all very well know, the narrow view of the Jedi is not applicable in Online Marketing. If you want to excel and prosper, you should improve your skills on a daily basis. Read what 64 content marketing experts had to say below and you shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine:

Karen Taylor Roane – New Destiny Marketing

I write a lot of content for clients, articles, blogs, website content, Kindle books and here is my process:

  • I first determine with a client what service or product they wish to promote.
  • I keep a list of each client’s key SEO terms
  • I’m aware of what demo my client is trying to reach. This can affect the tone of the content.
  • I do research on the topic to see what other credible sources are writing about.
  • During the research part I keep in mind the key words and if they are being used in other articles.
  • I start the process of writing keeping the keywords and what my client is trying to accomplish in mind. If I can include a quote (giving the source credit) I do.

I’m a former Audience Research Manager for CBS-TV in Philadelphia so my roots are in research and target demographics.

The Power of Community

Karen-300x225by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

Friend and business colleague, Michael Simpson, 6Vine Media, LLC wrote a blog today describing the wonderful group we are facilitating called “Marketing 911.”  The idea behind the group is for business owners to help a member business solve an emergency marketing problem that is occurring within their business.

I am always impressed with our groups ability to brainstorm and to pin point specific opportunities to enhance the marketing of our presenter business. Today I left the meeting with a spring in my step as I thought again about the generosity of our members and the power of like-minded business owners who come together to help each other.

Here’s the link to Michael’s blog entitled “The Power of Community”. I hope you will be encouraged as you read it.

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