What Does Consistency Have To Do With Business Success?

Karen-300x225by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing, LLC

What does fully recovering from a virus and a successful sales or marketing campaign have in common? Consistency in executing a plan with an added dash of timing and good fortune.

Recently I recovered from a nasty virus. The kind that you hope will last for 24 hours but ends up lasting for a week. Initially I felt so badly that I carefully planned what I would eat and drink so my body would heal and regain its strength as quickly as possible. As I began to feel better I became inconsistent in my eating and drinking…in other words I ate and drank whatever I felt like at the moment. This turned out to be a mistake, and I prolonged the symptoms of my illness.

Starting out with a great plan for sales and marketing is a given but without consistent execution we can lengthen the time it takes to reach our goal.

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