#CommunitySpark1: Phoenix Inventor and Entrepreneur Launches Lake Cleanup In 2013

by Karen Roane, New Destiny Marketing

Mesa/Arizona Jim Brown, local entrepreneur and inventor of the Fishclipper fishing safety clip is launching his company’s first community service event to clean up litter at a local lake.

According to Jim, “Recently on a sunny weekend morning I took my 7-year old daughter shore fishing at a local lake. We grabbed our fishing gear and started walking towards what I believed would be a secluded spot. There were fishing docks and shoreline clearings to fish from along the way, but we walked past these to where I thought that less people would be fishing.

After about one-half of a mile we spotted what seemed to be the perfect spot. We took a path towards the water that meandered through jumping cactus, down some loose rocks to an embankment of rocks that protruded from the waters edge. As we walked we noticed aluminum cans, potato chip bags, worn foam containers, cigarette butts and a lot of loose fishing line wedged between the desert bushes. My daughter asked me “why do people leave this behind”? I really did not have a good answer, but I told her that some people care more than others about keeping lakes clean. Thankfully, I had plastic trash bags on hand because as a child my father taught me to be prepared to clean up after others if situations like these arise. My daughter started picking up trash because she realized that although she did not make the mess it was the right thing to do. She felt special because she got to do something good to help the environment, and it made me proud of her. We didn’t catch any fish that day, but we did make some good memories.”

This experience made Jim curious as to who helps keep the areas around the lakes clean. He discovered that local Arizona Game and Fish along with different outdoors clubs and organizations assist in the effort. Jim decided that Fishclipper is going to organize their first clean up event in the new year to bring light to the issues of litter and how it impacts the lake waters, fish, surrounding shorelines and wildlife. The first project will focus on one lake with a goal to assist in cleaning public areas at two to three lakes a year. Jim is looking for likeminded volunteers to help. If you are interested, please contact him at 480-216-0015.

#CommunitySpark1 – Community Sparks is a Community Service Outreach by New Destiny Marketing, LLC. Our goal is to write about ordinary people helping their community in extraordinary ways. We hope that the stories will help uplift, educate and inspire many more to “pay it forward.”  For more information or if you have a story you would like us to cover, contact Karen Roane at Karen@NewDestinyMarketing.com.

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