“A Bullet Called Love” and One Small Act Of Kindness

The scene is New York City, 1953. A man robs a high-end clothing store and two police officers follow in chase. One of the officers takes a quick shot through the gathering crowd attempting to stop the robber cold in his tracks. Instead of hitting the robber the bullet hits an innocent pedestrian, my father, Robert Taylor. The next day Lorraine Elmo picks up the morning paper. There splattered across the front page of The Daily News is a story about a robbery and the man who was mistakenly shot. Lorraine glances at the photo and realizes it is one of her high school sweetheart, Bob. He is sitting down, leaning against a wall and looking dejected. Lorraine decides she should do something nice to cheer him up. This is especially kind since Bob left her years earlier to join the Navy, and she has not heard from him since. Lorraine’s compassion takes over, and she sends him a get-well note. The rest is family history. Less than a year later they wed. Fifty years later the same newspaper runs a story entitled “A Bullet Called Love” highlighting the life of Bob, Lorraine, their children and grandchildren. One small act of kindness may change the recipients life as well as our own!

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